Why Your Knees Crack: Joint Crepitations

Thanks must go to Physiotutors who made this fantastic video based on my research findings. This may be a useful resource for patients.


Emma Freer 24-04-2017

Thanks Claire! Great video! Will have to prompt the GP'S to start putting these sorts of informative videos on their waiting room tv screens!

Claire 26-04-2017

Thanks Emma, Yes wouldn't that be great!

Jon 08-09-2019

My knees are cracking a lot whenever I do something like squat or kneel. What most of my concern is after I kneel, when I get up I feel pain on my knees. I don’t know if this is a problem with my tendon or if this is a problem with my knee caps because they crack a lot but also feel pain after kneeling. Please help me.

Claire 09-09-2019

Hi Jon Firstly try and separate the pain and noise-the pain is the abnormality not the noise. It is difficult to tell without assessing you but it sounds more like the patelllofemoral joint than the tendon. If you are too far away I do skype consultations-that may be helpful. Good luck! best wishes Claire

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