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Patella alta-3 Mins Top Tips

Here is my 3 min video to help you understand the key points about patella alta. Click here: Love learning

Julia Averill 30-05-2019

Thanks for this video- so many questions still. I was recently told this was what I had in both knees. Been battling patellofemoral issues in both knees the past year and starting to feel like there is no light. Hadn't seen any useful resources supporting strengthening for patella alta (which is what I am doing ...) and was worried I was on the wrong track...sports doctors told me I would pull my patella higher if I kept strengthening my quads and make matters worse but then don't advocate surgery as I only have very mild articular damage on my the articular surface of my femur. Thoughts?

Claire 05-06-2019

Hi Julia, They can be really tricky but not impossible! Patella alta gives rise to an instability problem even if the primary symptom is pain. I personally therefore think there are two key priorities: 1. remove all unwanted movement from the limb 2. Strengthen the quads to increase dynamic stability. Im afraid that I disagree therefore with the advice you have received to avoid strengthening. Hope that helps?

Julia 04-07-2019

Thanks heaps for your response Claire-!! Seems the sports doctors here in New Zealand aren't up to date at all-which is pretty bad! Just started seeing a different physiotherapist since I last posted who has set me up with a heap of hip and knee strengthening - 6 weeks on and I'm already feeling more control in both knees down slopes and stairs. Only started back up running(was previously highly competitive) a month ago...just jogging and knees also feel much better controlled!

Claire 08-07-2019

Hi Julia Thats great-I hope that continues as an upward trend! BW Claire

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