Case Studies

This is aimed at both clinicians and patients. For clinicians it gives an insight into another clinician’s thinking, and for patients it is hoped that there might be a case that resonates and feels familiar to you.

36 year old lady with a 9 month old baby, bilateral knee pain.

36-year-old presents with bilateral ache of a vague distribution anteriorly. No Giving way, swelling or locking.

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60 year old female with PFJ OA

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13 year old county netballer with Patellofemoral Pain

Vague distributed anteriorly located left knee pain. Ache with occasional sharp pain. No giving-way but feels a sense of ‘slipping’. No locking, no swelling.

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35 year old male with PFP

Male 35, Pain vague distribution around patella. No swelling, no giving way.

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60-year-old retired female with 6 week history of severe knee pain.

'.....Tearful. Has just retired and was really looking forwards to active retirement. ...'

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65 year old male runner with left anteriorly located knee pain.

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42 year old female, right inferopatellar pain

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Aquatic physiotherapy for patellofemoral pain – a case study from Aqua-Physio.

Aquatic physiotherapy can be an excellent tool in the management of patellofemoral pain. Here is a recent case study where dry land treatment was incorporated with aquatic therapy.

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