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Hi everyone,

After experiencing Patellofemoral pain for almost a year and multiple unsuccessful rounds of PT, I had arthroscopy on my right knee in October 2022. Since then, my PT and I believe I’ve developed Hoffa’s Syndrome. My Ortho doesn’t think I have Hoffa’s (the condition seems to be off his radar), but after listening to Claire’s podcast and research, it is evident that I have all the signs and symptoms (I have hypermobility, severe chronic pain, pain at full extension, walking, excruciating flare ups that are often delayed). I received a cortisone shot a month ago which helped tremendously, and I have experienced strength gains from consistent quad, hip, calf strengthening PT exercises that avoid full extension and deep flexion. However, last week I experienced a significant setback after participating in a yoga class, and my symptoms are now as severe as they were before the cortisone shot.

Claire has talked about the “Settling Period” as the first Phase to treat Hoffa’s to break the inflammation cycle. Yet, I also want to maintain the strength I’ve built. I’m curious if anyone has insight as to what is an appropriate approach to PT and activity at this stage. E.g. should I continue performing PT exercises daily? Revert to easier exercises? Take some time for complete rest?

More generally, if anyone has tips for what has worked, or not worked for them in the past, I would greatly appreciate it!

Hoffa’s is nasty, but I know that with enough education and persistence dedicated to recovery, there is a solution out there for all of us. We all have the power to find it.