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Walking is painful. Sitting is painful. Standing is painful. It’s all painful. I’ve had this for 5 months now and my ortho told me to just take a bunch of NSAIDS and it would go away. That has not been the case, and my standard of living has suffered significantly. I had patellar tendinopathy prior to this injury. I had been rehabbing with Jill Cook and Ebonie Rio’s methodology, then I rode a bike for a warm up instead of my usual walk, and two days later my fat pad swelled and hurt. I’ve been taking around 1600 mgs of NSAIDS daily, taping, and icing, but have not experienced significant improvement. I have also tried quad isometric movements to strengthen the quads, but that just makes my knee pain worse. What can I do? I want a cortisone shot to settle the pain enough to rehab a few weeks, but don’t even know where to begin with that. I don’t observe any patellar tracking issues to correct. I also don’t want a surgery to remove the fat pad but I am not experiencing improvement and I need to be able to walk.