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Amy Pugh

Hi Claire
I have just stumbles across your very informative website. I am hoping you can advise me what the best approach is to try and get rid of the a lateral fat pad hard swelling I have under my knee following arthroscopy on 4th Jan this year for a partial meniscectomy.
I am a professional horse rider, we breed and produce horses for jumping and eventing as well as dressage so it is more than just gentle riding and there is lots of walking around in between looking after the horses. This is also my home and livelihood. I am now in a worse position than before the surgery and struggle to walk around for any length of time, even to do basic house chores.
Not only my career but my life feels like its slipping away over the past 3 months- I was so hopeful that the partial meniscectomy would relive my pain and get me back compete at a higher level. I have done loads of icing, physio and spend a good portion of the time resting so have lot a fair bit of muscle. I had an MRI on Friday and yesterday my consultant/surgeon looked at it to confirm the hard swelling was not normal and injected it with a steroid to try and settle the inflammation down. I feel like the lump is pretty hard so i’m sceptical if the steroid injection will work.
I have been told to take it quite easy for 7 days to let it work. What is your experience with steroid injections for getting rid of fat pad hard swellings? Is there anything else you suggest I can be doing? Sorry about the long post, I’m just desperate to get my life back, especially as we are trying to start a family…