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Physio Matters Podcast from evidence to practice via the patella

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Why Your Knees Crack: Joint Crepitations

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A behind the Scenes Look at Reflective Practice In My Patellofemoral Pain Practice: An Open and Honest Account.

Reflective practice is often banded around with many reminded of student journals they were made to write. In this blog I explain how I use it in my practice and how the literature on this topic helps to inform us.

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Top tips. 3 min video on plyometrics and Patellofemoral pain

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GUEST BLOG: How should we explain patellofemoral pain to patients?

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Non-operative management of Patellofemoral Osteoarthritis

So the first and probably most important point to make is that this is a diagnostic label about structure, not experience of pain. Pain is an incredibly multi-dimensional phenomenon that people experience in very varying ways. It is therefore possible for two people to have the same diagnostic label of patellofemoral osteoarthritis and yet one is ‘suffering’ a lot more than the other.

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Clinical Commentary on Latest research-stay right up-to-date

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Understanding Anatomy . Why it is Important. The Patellofemoral Joint.

Having recently met for my regular research meeting with an anatomy colleague of mine, it reminded me of the importance of anatomy and why we should understand it.

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Thoughts for Clinicians from the International Patellofemoral Pain Research Retreat, Sep 2015.

A round up of some of the key messages for clinicians from the world leaders in patellofemoral pain research.

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3 min top tips_Pain and Movement Reasoning model applied to PFP.

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GUEST BLOG by Dr Lee Herrington-Patellofemoral joint pain post ACL reconstruction, a change of thinking in early rehab required?

The first part of this blog will present some of the growing body of evidence showing that ACLR patients have deficits in performance which can be linked to deficiencies in their quadriceps function, both of which can then be associated with abnormal patellofemoral joint loading. The second part of the blog will discuss how ACLR rehab might have to be modified to reduce the ACLR patient’s susceptibility to developing PFP.

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J sign video before and after trochleoplasty, (surgeon, Mr Jonathan Bell)

Positive J sign helps to signal poor trochlea shape.

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Patellofemoral top tips. 3 mins on the meaning of cinema sign.

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Infographic to help differentiate fat pad and PFJ problems

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Tape in the management of Patellofemoral Pain

There is a lot of hype around tape-what tape, what technique, what colour! The hype is not fully underpinned by robust academic rigour and yet do I use tape with my patients? Yes I do. Let’s explore this.

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Subjective Examination-Patellofemoral Pain-FREE webinar

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The infrapatellar (Hoffa's) fat pad explained

The infrapatellar fat pad can be painful, persistent and tricky to treat. However, with the right treatment it is possible to have good outcome. This blog explores fat pad problems for the patient.

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Activity Modification in The Treatment of Patellofemoral Pain

Activity modification plays a vital part of my recommendations. Whilst the vast majority of PFj problems should be classed as a nuisance but not a worry, activity modification is extremely useful.

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